I am happy to share with you the research I have done over the last many (many) years on my extended family.  Like many genealogists I have fallen into the trap of not just following only my immediate lineage, this has resulted in many more leaves on the tree.  I have also followed many old connections up to present.
In 2020 the Covid pandemic allowed me time to update the Ashby book and finally complete the Cram/Vanderburgh lines.
I have decided not to print these books as I no sooner say "done", new information comes forth making the book out of date.    Some fun highlights:  Ashby's connect to William the Conqueror with the Trull family, both my father and my mother's family have United Empire Loyalists, and the Vanderburgh line included a Silversmith who's work is in museums in the the United States and this line also fathered the 38th president of USA, Gerald Ford.
Threshing Machine in Manitoba.  Circa 1916 .
Charles Gibson (1873-1958) seated on ground .Thomas "TH" Ashby (1875-1958)  would have also operated ​a Threshing Machine like this but he is not in this photo..
Thomas Henry "TH" Ashby and 2 motorized bikes.
Circa 1920.
There is another goal with the trees being posted.  I hope  I can find some living members of the Gibson line as I have family portraits and photographs that I would like to pass on with living Gibson family members.

I ask you to share any error or omissions you may note as you look through this information  please use Comments
I have done my best to be accurate and double and triple check all information, but sometimes things are posted on line that are wrong or there could be occasions where someone has inadvertently passed me information that was not correct.   I am very eager to have correct information.   Also if you  see a place where a photo can be added, please share.
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